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Maintenance and Repair for the Steelworks Industry

  • 29th Sep 2021 I 16:00 - 17:00 PM CEST I Target Audience: Global
  • Maintenance and Repair for the Steelworks Industry
  • Free of charge


This webinar will discuss various repair and maintenance applications taking place in various sectors of the steel industry.

The mining sector of raw material extraction and crushing will not be covered here as it is not exclusive to the steel industry.

Processes focused will start from sintering and pelletizing of raw materials up to the cold rolling. Some hot forging applications will also be discussed. Wear solutions using SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW, SASC and ESSC shall be illustrated with numerous cases met on the field with several international steelmakers.


  1. Applications referring with raw materials stock piling, sintering and metal scrap cutting, shredding and transport.
  2. Blast furnace raw materials feeding and heating as well as basic oxygen furnace and steelmaking slag pots.
  3. Continuous  slab/bloom caster rollers refurbishing with open arc, subarc and strip cladding overlaying processes.
  4. Wear during hot roughing & finishing rolling and coiling in HSM and their possible overlaying solutions.
  5. Cold rolling, tension leveling and hot forging topics.


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Doris Missbichler

Local WELDINGacademy Coordinator

+43 664 6184 526

Jean Pierre Van Nieuwenhoven

Head Application Technology ES/SA Strip Cladding & Cored Wires